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A secure bracket for your Rangefinder

The Finder-Minder is a remarkably efficient accessory for golf pushcarts that provides a secure bracket for your magnetic rangefinder while playing.

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How it works

  • The Finder-Minder is amazing! I was surprised how it's become an essential part of my game.

  • I'm always skeptical about new golf gadgets but its really improved the consistency of my approach.

  • I kind of love that click sound whenever I put my rangefinder down, knowing my finder is securely at my reach.

  • It's like a cupholder for my finder. It was super easy to install on my cart. Just insert one screw and tighten the knob.

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Attaches to existing tee holders on your pushcart

The Finder-Minder attaches to existing tee holders featured on the majority of carts.

How to install

Eliminates need for clumsy cases

Having your rangefinder at hand eliminates wasted time and awkward movements using cases attached to your bag and risks of loss from bouncing out of loose net pockets.

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Improves your pre-shot routine

The Finder-Minder greatly improves your pre-shot routine. As a walker, you are able to approach your ball, shoot the distance in one fluid movement, and make the proper club selection in just moments.

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If you have a magnetic rangefinder, the Finder-Minder is the essential accessory for your pushcart.

  • Fits most pushcarts. Avoid those awkward cases.

  • For magnetic rangefinders or wraps.

  • Installs in minutes. Everything you need in one kit.

  • Checks distances in a single motion.