About Finder-Minder LLC

The Finder-Minder was created by a lifelong golfer and dedicated pushcart user in Jacksonville, Florida. When Kevin stepped up to using a magnetic rangefinder, he realized there was not a flat metal surface on tubular framed carts. Zipper cases attached to his bag were awkward and golf mates were frequently looking for their expensive rangefinders that had bounced out of mesh pockets.

After numerous prototypes and hardware configurations, the present design is reduced to minimal parts and utilizes a special locking knob that tightly secures the Finder-Minder to your cart while offering the flexibility to fold out of the way for cart storage. A patent is pending on Finder-Minder.

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About Tin Cup LLC

Tin Cup Products, LLC was formed in the  spring of 2009 by two Northern Virginians with a shared passion for the game of golf.  Based on USGA Rule 12-2 that states all golfers must be able to "identify their ball" during play, they believed there was a need to create something unique as a way to personalize each players golf ball.


Tin Cup is 100% "Made in the USA" and patented. It is a stainless steel ball marker that is guaranteed for life. It was voted one of the best new overall products at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show and the Tin Cup has quickly gained industry and consumer recognition for its innovation and design.

The company is based in Falls Church, Virginia and sells Tin Cups online, at retail stores, and in pro shops all over the country. Tin-Cup.com

Finder-Minder LLC and Tin Cup LLC have entered into a joint operating and merchandising agreement for the Finder-Minder product.

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