Do I have to use a tee hole to mount my Finder-Minder?

Most pushcarts come with a molded plastic assembly between the handles. If your tee holes are  too low on the assembly or your cart does not have them, you can drill a hole in the assembly to mount your Finder-Minder. Use a 1/4” drill bit and be sure the area beneath where you are drilling the hole has clearance for a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten your assembly.

The metal plate on my Finder-Minder is wobbly. What should I do?

We have provided three different screw lengths that have worked in every Finder-Minder installation. If you have used the 1 1/4” screw and firmly tightened the round knob as far as it will go and the plate is still wobbly, use the 1” screw. If that option does not work, please contact us and we will help you with the installation.

Is the metal plate supposed to be magnetic?

No, the Finder-Minder only works with rangefinders that have an internal magnet or older models fitted out with a magnetic wrap.

Can I use my Finder-Minder on rental carts?

The locking knob on the original Finder-Minder has a locking function that firmly secures the device to your cart.  It requires a Phillips screwdriver or our included tool to mount properly.  The current design really doesn’t lend itself to installing and removing on a repetitive basis, but we are looking at different hardware combinations should there be sufficient demand for a more portable configuration.

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