Select desired tee hole in cart handle.

Select a screw that will extend ½” beyond hole.

Insert screw up through the bottom of the tee hole.

Place plate on top of the exposed screw.

Hand tighten the round knob. Use the provided screwdriver or a larger Phillips head screwdriver to hold screw firmly while tightening the knob. Don’t be shy - there is locking material within the knob that needs to be torqued down. The knob should lock the Finder-Minder plate firmly in place.

Installation tips

1. It is easier to install the Finder-Minder with your cart empty so you can turn it on it’s side and see better. Everything is black!

2. If the molded plastic cowling of your cart is rounded, select the tee hole at the top of the arc. This may block a couple of tee holes (we all keep tees in our pockets anyway) but the Finder-Minder will be easier to mount and be at a more level angle.

3. If your cart is new or the tee holes are too tight for the screw, insert a tee from the bottom side up to loosen the hole for the mounting screw.

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